A healthy plant is the basis for high production. However, your crop can be attacked by pests, harmful fungi, viruses, and bacteria at any time. This weakens the crop and puts it under more stress. This, of course, affects the quality and quantity of the crop.

Therefore, the experts of
Koppert Biological Systems, Ludvig Svensson, Saint-Gobain Cultiliene, and Hoogendoorn Growth Management, take you into the world of Integrated Pest Management. By applying the provided techniques you can get the most out of your crop.

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The experts


Steven Bol

Account Manager, North America
Koppert Biological Systems

With more than 25 years of experience at Koppert Biological Systems, Steven Bol knows like no other how Integrated Pest Management contributes to the success of growers worldwide. During an interview with his Mexican colleague Gabriela Espinoza Vergara, the viewer is introduced to pro-active integrated pest management solutions to protect the crop against diseases, pests and fungi. These are sustainable and natural solutions, where food safety is a priority.


Hugo Plaisier

Senior Consultant
Ludvig Svensson

In his role as Senior Consultant at Ludvig Svensson, Hugo Plaisier has devoted himself for many years to creating the optimum growing climate in greenhouses. He is an expert in the field of screens and insect nets, where he attaches importance to the interests of the crop. By reacting pro-actively and ensuring optimally balanced plants, crop resilience is achieved. This makes it difficult for insects to enter the crop.


Remy Maat

Manager Application Vegetables, Floriculture and Propagation
Saint-Gobain Cultilene

Remy Maat is known for his knowledge in the field of smart-rootzone management. In his position as Manager Application Vegetables, Floriculture and Propagation at Saint-Gobain Cultilene, he has guided thousands of customers in maintaining a healthy root environment. Because a healthy root-zone is essential for a healthy plant. During the webinar, he will take us on a journey through the root environment and give advice on irrigation strategies.


Rene Beerkens

Horticultural Consultant
Hoogendoorn Growth Management

Rene Beerkens is a familiar face when it comes to optimal climate control. In his role as horticultural consultant at Hoogendoorn Growth Management, Rene is known for his training courses on Data Driven Cultivation. During the webinar, he dives deeper into the world of sensors and cultivation techniques to provide the plant with its needs at the right time. This so-called just-in-time management also ensures a strong crop, resistant to diseases and pests.

The hosts


Pharis Rico

General Manager

Pharis Rico is the General Manager of HortiConnect, the essential link between the Dutch horticultural technology suppliers and the Mexican horticultural sector. In addition, from his role as General Manager of Plantanova, he knows exactly the importance of high-quality horticultural technology to increase crop yields both qualitatively and quantitatively. Pharis is progressive, driven, and has a passion for horticulture. As host of the Webinar, he knows how to bring all parties together so that everyone is inspired in the field of Integrated Pest Management.


Angela Barendregt

Projectmanager International Business & Strategy
Hoogendoorn Growth Management

Angela Barendregt is a thought-leader in the field of data-driven cultivation and the future of horticulture. In her daily work, she is continuously engaged with international projects on a strategic level. Moreover, she strives for continuous innovation in order to optimize the future of growing. According to her, data-driven cultivation is the future, in order to streamline all greenhouse processes and to optimize the crop quantity and quality. Who Knows, Grows.

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20 oct. 9:00 - 10:00 AM, Mexican time